Branding and content

Putting storytelling at the heart of brand identity

Brand Identity

I employ journalistic techniques and a wide-ranging cultural expertise to pinpoint elements of a brand’s DNA and then weave them into every aspect of language, voice and style – from name and tagline to brand story, mission statement and core values, on to cultural spirit and defining tone of voice.

I can focus on any of these elements in isolation, or develop the entire package – either plugging into an in-house team as a specialist, or working in conjunction with a preferred design partner to deliver a complete brand identity.

Creative Strategy

Building on brand identity, powerful content communicates a brand’s point of view. I draw on the contacts and experience of almost two decades to craft compelling stories that bring brands’ values to life across multiple platforms – through videos, interviews, articles, websites, social media, books, magazines, experiential narratives and more.


I have delivered presentations about the role of storytelling in social change at conferences including ModMag and EDCH (International Editorial Design Conference), as well as been part of various panel discussions.

Representation by Louisa St. Pierre at Bernstein & Andriulli / Great Bowery. Or contact me directly here.